Month: September 2016

September 3, 2016 Cellasteen 21 comments

Below are five tips from the Pros at Insightful Staffing Solutions on how to nail that interview in the financial industry:

  1. Be presentable and arrive early

You’ve heard it before, “Dress for the job you want.”  And it’s true. Employers really do take into account your personal presentation. Smile big and relax. You’ll want to dress in a professional business outfit, sit with posture, shake hands firmly and make direct eye contact. Remember, you’re making an impression. Along with these, you want to bring the necessary paperwork to prove your credentials. A copy of your most up to date resume (with no grammar or spelling errors, of course), and any other relevant documents, i.e. professional references, or contacts that you wish to leave behind with the employer.

  1. Take your time and answer all questions or hypotheticals thoughtfully

Remember, you are there to learn and participate in a discussion, not get grilled with trick questions. You will succeed if you approach your interview as a professional meeting between two colleagues. Your attitude is all part of your presentation. There is no harm in taking a second to consider a question before you make your point. How many times in a conversation have you rushed to make a point without thinking it through, then in hindsight, regret what you’ve said? Plenty. Don’t make the same mistake in one of the most important conversations of your life, a conversation that could land you that dream job.

  1. Research interview questions

This seems like cheating but wouldn’t an employer want to hire someone who knows how to use all of the tools at her/his exposal. Just like your days in school, filling yourself with as much relevant knowledge before an interview is the best way to ace the results. Even if the questions you review aren’t the same questions that are asked, you will still have an intimate familiarity with the larger topics and will be able to showcase a broad knowledge base.

  1. Be familiar with standard terms, jargon, and abbreviations.

Hopefully, your education or past work experience will have already familiarized you with the vocabulary of your field, however, sometimes firms and organizations use different terms to describe common operations. If your interviewer uses a term that you are unfamiliar with, jot it down and look it up later. Your ability to communicate and “speak the language” is an essential part of finding a job in the accounting and finance industry.

  1. Follow-up

Always follow an interview with a “Thank You” email in the following days. If it is a multi-step interviewing process you do not have to follow up after every interview, but you should be making some proactive effort to stay in contact with the people who may be hiring you.