Candidate Benefits

inSightful Staffing is committed to building a meaningful working relationship with you. That’s why there are so many benefits to working with us. We offer:

  • A continuously growing network of well-reputed companies that are always on the lookout for talented candidates in accounting and finance.
  • Competitive online training courses in Accounting, MS Office Suites, and multiple other software programs.
  • Free resources, monthly assignment perks, recognition programs, and referral bonuses.
  • Health, dental, vision, life insurance, and monthly 401K  benefits for qualified candidates*.
  • Coverage for employee absences due to illness, vacation, maternity or short-term disability leave**.
  • Unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Holiday pay on designated holidays after you work a minimum number of hours with insightful Staffing.
  • Consistent communication with employee and staff for payroll and other employee concerns.
  • An 8% discount on AT&T monthly phone services after a candidate has worked three weeks on an assignment from insightful Staffing.

Ask your staffing manager for more information on these insightful Staffing benefits.

*Access to a low-cost health and life insurance package that provides you with a wide range of employee benefit options, including medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, term life with accidental death benefit and short-term disability are not sponsored by insightful Staffing. Coverage is available to both you and your eligible dependents. The cost is conveniently deducted from your weekly paychecks on an after-tax basis.

**Available only in states that do not provide state short-term disability benefits.

Paid Holidays

To be eligible for paid holidays you must work 1200 hours in a current continuous twelve-month period.

Holiday pay is earned when you work the day before and the day after the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day


Christmas Day

Payroll Processing

Payroll is processed from Monday to Sunday.

Paychecks can be mailed or candidates can enroll in direct deposit.

Time sheets may be submitted by email or fax before 12pm on Mondays.

EMAIL: An email response will confirm receipt of your time sheet.

Time sheets received after 12pm on Mondays may delay payment by one week. Feel free to contact your staffing manager or staffing office directly to verify time sheets have been received.