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Accounting, Human Resources and Project Management Placements

inSightful Staffing Solutions, LLC specializes in Accounting, Human Resources, and Project Management space. Our specialty industries are in construction, oil & energy, manufacturing, and engineering, and warehouse. We match our highly skilled professionals with the most suitable employers to create mutually beneficial relationships. We provide temporary, temp-to-permanent, seasonal, medical leave, project-based assignments, and direct-hire, contingent direct hire placements for all your immediate hiring needs.

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Staffing is no longer a simple matchmaking algorithm. Employers and job seekers need a more intuitive process for pairing talent with opportunities. Our consultants have several years in the accounting, human resources, and project management sectors. We stay up to date on industry changes to make well-informed staffing decisions. We analytically assess a candidate's skills, qualifications, and experience before tailoring our selection to meet employer requirements.


We know how tedious searching for job opportunities can be. We work with candidates to identify their career goals and interests. Our staffing managers are then able to present new opportunities and provide professional inspiration personally to candidates.


We know how it feels to read resume after resume. Let us take that task off your hands. Our staffing managers have a deep understanding of our talent pool. We know candidates abilities and make suggestions that not only meet requirements but also inspire success.